Polypropylene PP Auto Bags

  • Strong and Durable, Resistant to Moisture and Chemicals, High Clarity, Recyclable
  • Versatile packaging solution for food, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods. Lightweight, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.
Clear PP Auto Pre-Opened Bag

Clear PP Auto Pre-Opened Bag

Our Clear Polypropylene Auto Pre-opened bags are with super transparency and strength.

Polypropylene Retail Film is the best choice where bag clarity is the primary performance requirement.

This high-strength, multi-layer film offers low haze properties and high Oxygen Transfer Rates (OTR) that resists odor seepage.

Super transparency Recyclable.Find more Custom Auto Bags here.

Colored PP Auto Pre-Opened Bag

Colored Polypropylene PP Auto Pre-Opened Bag

Colored PP material offers convenience, durability, visual appeal, versatility, eco-friendliness, reliable closure, and customization options.

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