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Adsure Packaging Limited

Adsure Packaging stands as a prominent leader in the design and manufacturing of functional flexible bags in China.

We offer a comprehensive range of Automatic Packaging solutions for various applications, facilitating high-efficiency operations and cost savings for our customers.

ADSURE = Advanced Technology to en SURE security packaging

= The Quality and Trusted partner for Security

About us

Our commitment to continuous innovation and expanding production capacity sets us apart. At Adsure, we bring together diverse packaging requirements from different countries and applications. Our professional packaging expertise is not limited to our team but is also shared with our valued customers.

Today, we take pride in being the manufacturer of APOP Bags (Auto Pre-Opened Perforated Bags) available on Rolls or Fan-Folded in a Box, alongside a complete line of baggers and bag packaging equipment.

Contact us now for a quick quote and learn more about us !If need more packaging bag,please visit here:WWW.AdsurePackaging.com to find your packaging solutions.

Our Advantages for Auto Bags

Our History

In 1985
In 1991
In 2004 
In 2008
In 2014
In 2015
In 2016
In 2017
In 2018

Founded in HK

Moved to Shenzhen

Moved to new factory (Baoan, Fuyong town)

Acquisition DUB  HARRIS  Corp . in USA

Registered Uni-pak Packaging Technology Ltd in Shenzhen

Registered Trademark UNI-Pak in China, ADSURE worldwide

Approved 7 patents
RFID & E-Ticket system

Approved 1 Patent
1st factory success developed fanfold auto bag in China

Approved 2 patents

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