PP Colored Pre-Opened Bags on a Roll
PP Colored Pre-Opened Bags on a Roll

Colored PP Auto Pre-Opened Bags

Colored PP Auto Pre-Opened Bags are an innovative packaging solution designed to add a pop of color and functionality to your packaging needs.

Made from high-quality colored polypropylene (PP), these bags offer both visual appeal and convenience.

With their auto pre-opened design, they streamline the packaging process, saving time and effort.

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Features of Colored PP Auto Pre-Opened Bags

  • Vibrant Colors: Available in a range of vibrant colors, these bags add visual appeal and enhance product presentation.
  • Auto Pre-Opened Design: The bags are designed to open automatically, making packaging quick and effortless.
  • Durable and Tear-Resistant: Made from high-quality PP material, these bags are durable and tear-resistant, ensuring the safe transportation of goods.
  • Secure Closure: Equipped with a reliable sealing mechanism, these bags keep contents secure during storage and transportation.
  • Versatile Usage: Suitable for various applications, including retail, promotional events, gifts, and more.

Custom Options

  • Color Customization: We offer a wide selection of colors to match your brand or product theme.
  • Size Variations:Customize the bag size to meet your specific packaging requirements.
  • Printing and Branding: Add custom prints, logos, or promotional messages to enhance brand recognition.

You can learn more about our Custom Auto Bags. Contact us today to learn more about our Front Clear Back White Auto Bags on a Roll and customization options.

Standard Size

Our Colored PP Auto Pre-Opened Bags are available in standard sizes, including small, medium, and large, catering to different product dimensions.


  • Retail Packaging: Ideal for packaging clothing, accessories, cosmetics, and other retail products, while adding a touch of color and visual appeal.
  • Promotional Events: Perfect for giveaways, promotional materials, or swag bags at events, trade shows, or conferences.
  • Gift Packaging: Add a colorful and personalized touch to gift packaging for special occasions and celebrations.

Colored PP Auto Pre-Opened Bags combine functionality, durability, and visual impact to elevate your packaging game. Whether it’s for retail, promotions, or gifting, these bags provide a colorful and convenient solution for your packaging needs.

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