VCI Anti-Rust Films

VCI Anti-Rust Films

 Effective corrosion protection for metal products during storage and transportation. Versatile, easy to use, and provides long-lasting rust prevention.

VCI Pre-Opened Bags On A Roll

VCI Pre-Opened Bags Manufacturer

VCI Auto Pre-Opened Bags are designed to protect metal parts and components from corrosion, rust, and other types of damage. Our bags are made from high-quality polyethylene material, infused with VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) technology, which forms a protective layer around metal parts, preventing corrosion and rust. The bags come in a convenient pre-opened design, making them easy to use and efficient for businesses in the metalworking industry.

As a manufacturer, we offer the flexibility to customize our VCI Auto Pre-Opened Bags to meet your specific requirements.

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