Antistatic,ESD & Static Dissipative Film​

Antistatic ESD Static Dissipative Film Pre-Opened Bags 


Usually made of conductive material, which has good electrostatic shielding performance and can effectively prevent the conduction and accumulation of static electricity.

ESD bags usually comply with international ESD protection standards (such as MIL-STD-3010, ANSI/ESD S20.20, etc.), which can provide a higher level of ESD protection .

Custom Antistatic Auto Bags

Custom Antistatic Auto Bags on A Roll

Our Silver Antistatic Auto Bags on a Roll are the perfect solution for protecting sensitive electronic components from static electricity and moisture during transportation and storage.

Made from a durable and puncture-resistant blend of polyethylene and nylon, these bags feature a metalized layer that provides excellent antistatic properties. The silver color also helps to protect contents from UV light and heat.

Custom Antistatic ESD Auto Bags

ESD Auto Pre-Opened Bag on A Roll Manufacturer

ESD Auto Pre-Opened Bags are designed to protect sensitive electronic components from static electricity, making them ideal for businesses in the electronics industry.

With their unique pre-opened design and static dissipative material, these bags make packaging and handling sensitive components safe and easy.You can find more custom auto bag here.

Auto Bags with Static Dissipative Film

Electro-Static Shield Auto Pre-Opened Bags

Static Dissipative Film provides electrostatic protection, surface protection, transparency, easy application, customizable sizes, long-lasting performance, compatibility with various surfaces, safe handling, versatility, and cost-effectiveness.

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